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what’s the value of the human race?
Like… with everything mankind has done, and everything that mankind is, is mankind positive or negative?
Because so many people just seem so worthless. I understand that everyone has ‘dumb’ moments, but how come so many people have those dumb moments so frequently? And why is it that everyone I meet happens to be having a dumb moment the moment I meet them?
mankind has created and built so much – but we’re so mean to each other – what’s the point of it all?

Neti Pot!
Hyper Voice
So, I finally did it.
I went to the store, bought a neti pot, brought it home and used it.
At first, I was too proud of myself to notice that it had worked. ^^;
Not exceptional results, but my sinuses are noticeably clearer.

It was fairly unpleasant... but I think it was more 'weird' than 'unpleasant'...
It cleared my sinuses a bit, but didn't do anything about this post-nasal drip, which is what I was really hoping for... hrm. At least it didn't hurt going through. That's what I was scared of - getting the water too hot or too cold (though I think I would have been safe going a tiny bit warmer)... But I did it!
I might try it again tomorrow... I can see being able to get used to it.


Pokemon Eggs!
Hyper Voice
I got a couple mystery eggs!! Click them to keep them warm! :3


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